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The studio
Studio is located in Põhja-Tallinn district (Puuvilla 19c). Different backgrounds and texture walls (metal, baroque, concrete) are available. We have big windows and a vintage wooden floor in our studio.
Free parking.

Profoto strobes and Godox video-lights are always ready for your projects.

Studio area: 96 m²
Cyclorama area: 25 m²

length: 12 m
width: 8,5 m
height: 3,5 m
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Book a photo session with photography professionals approved by INK Photostudio.
We provide high-quality makeup and hairstyle service available in our studio.
+372 58 08 4344
We use Profoto D1 500 monolight heads with plenty of light shaping tools and photography accessories.

Godox Sl-series continuous light is also available.
Equipment list
See our full equipment kit. You can use anything from the list for your photo session.
Lighting (photo)
4 x Profoto D1500 Air
2 x Elinchrom BRX500
Lighting (video)
1 x Godox SL - 150W Studio LED
4 x Godox SL - 60W Studio LED
2 x Yongnuo YN360 III (RGB LED)
2 x Beauty dish 70 cm (silver) + grid
1 x Beauty dish 70 cm (white) + grid
1 x Beauty dish 40 cm (white) + grid
4 x Standard reflector 21 cm (grid + barndoors + filters)
1 x Surgery reflector 44 cm (custom)
1 x Snoot reflector

1 x Godox SA-17 Kit + Gobo set

1 x Giant umbrella (silver) 185 cm
1 x Giant umbrella (white) 200 cm

1 x Profoto softbox 120x180 cm
1 x Octabox 140 cm
2 x Softbox 90x120 cm
2 x Rotalux stripbox 50x130 cm
1 x Stripbox 40x200 cm
2 x Portalite softbox 66 cm
2 x Portalite softbox 40 cm
2 x Godox softbox 40 cm

3 x Flag (2,4 x 1 m)
1 x Flag (2,4 x 2 m)

1 x Silver / Gold / White / Black reflector
1 x Silver / White reflector
1 x Manfrotto 085BS Light Boom
3 x Bowens tripod
2 x Elinchrom tripod
1 x Falcon Eyes PT-50 (pulley tripod)
1 x Super Heavy C - Stand boom arm
1 x Floor stand
Other equipment
1 x Equation fan 60 cm
1 x Smoke machine
1 x Hisense H65B7500 LED TV
INK Photostudio booking

+372 5300 8038
1 hour
35 EUR
2 hours
30 EUR for every next hour
60 EUR
8 hours
25 EUR for every next hour
Makeup and hair prices

Assistant: 35 eur/h
Used background: 10 eur/m

Book the studio
Fill the form with your name and contacts and specify the date and time of booking. Please check our Studio calendar and rules before. We will respond shortly with a payment method and booking confirmation.
Submitting the form you agree to INK Photostudio conditions.
Please read before rental
  • 1
    Rental time
    The rental starts and ends strictly at the booked time.

    Being late does not make it possible to shoot longer than the booked time, but the rental of the studio can be extended if there is free time. The minimum time is 30 minutes (20 EUR).

    Unused time will not be compensated.
    Please arrive on time and plan the shooting in such a way as to put the studio in order after you.
  • 2
    Makeup room
    The use of the makeup room is not included in the rental price.

    If you need to use it, check the availability and rental conditions by e-mail mshmeljov@gmail.com
  • 3
    Number of people
    The price includes 8 people in the studio in the same time (including the photographer).

    The need of more than 8 people in the studio should be agreed in advance with the studio administration.

    The studio reserves the right to change the rental price, depending on the expected number of people (up to 50% of the final rental price).
  • 4
    Small and medium-sized animals are allowed in the studio: cats, rabbits, puppies, medium-sized dogs (etc.)

    Please inform about the presence of a pet in the studio when booking.

    The owner undertakes to monitor the animal and is responsible for any damage caused.

    Supplement for the animals: 10 EUR
  • 5
    Alcohol / tobacco
    Persons in a state of alcoholic and drug intoxication are not allowed in the studio.

    Drinking alcoholic beverages, using prohibited substances and smoking is strictly prohibited.

    In case of violation of this rule, rental time is immediately terminated.

    Fine: 100 EUR.
  • 6
    Indoor shoes
    Outdoor shoes are not allowed in the studio.

    Please bring replacement shoes or use the studio's available slippers.

    In case of non-observance of this rule, the client may be billed an additional invoice for wet cleaning of the premises.
  • 7
    Furniture movement
    Furniture movement is allowed only under the supervision (or with the help) of the studio administrator.

    Please be careful not to drag any objects around as this will damage the floor.

    In case of damage to the floor, the client may be issued an additional invoice for the restoration work. Treat furniture and floors with care.
  • 8
    Oil / paints
    The use of oil or paint is allowed only with the prior consent of the administration of the photo studio. It is strictly forbidden to use oil on paper backgrounds!

    If oil or paint is applied to the body, contact with walls and furniture is not allowed. Make sure that all the consequences of using oil or paint are eliminated without causing any inconvenience to the following customers.

    The customer may be charged an additional invoice for the removal of oil or paint stains or any other damage caused by these substances.

    Supplement: 10 EUR
    Deposit: 50 EUR (refundable at the end of the shooting)
  • 9
    Pooh / confetti
    The use of fluff / confetti is allowed only with the prior consent of the administration and only on the floor.

    Throwing into the air is strictly prohibited!

    Fluff and confetti in the air can enter the vents of lighting equipment and cause serious damage. In this case, the customer will be billed for the cost of the repair.

    Also remember that cleaning up fluff and confetti takes longer than regular cleaning. Make sure the materials you use will not interfere with other client`s photo session.
  • 10
    You can book a studio by form on this website. You can also use e-mail mshmeljov@gmail.com or by phone number +372 555 90 469.

    Please note that we don't make reservations via Instagram!

    The price of the reservation does not include the photographer's work.

    A studio reservation is complete when 100% prepayment is made.

    Payment details will be sent by e-mail if the time is free.
  • 11
    Booking cancellation
    We refund 100% of the cost if the cancellation is made at least 7 days in advance.

    Otherwise, the studio reserves the right to withhold the prepayment.

    Booking times can be changed 48 hours in advance. Time can only be rescheduled once.

    If the booking is canceled after reschedule, the money will not be returned.
  • 12
    Personal belongings
    We kindly ask you not to leave trash and personal props on the set.

    Please start packing in advance!

    Forgotten things:

    e-mail: mshmeljov@gmail.com
    phone number: +372 555 90 469.
  • 13
    We periodically paint the studio cyclorama. Nevertheless, we recommend that you make sure a few days before shooting, in what condition it is.

    If you need a completely fresh coating, you can order a painting service immediately before the shooting.

    Service cost:
    35 EUR (floor only)
    80 EUR (floor + wall)

    It is forbidden to stand on the rounding of the cyclorama: be sure to warn the children about this. In case of a hole in the rounding, the customer will be invoiced for repairs + painting work.
  • 14
    The replacement and unwinding of the backgrounds is carried out by the administrator.

    Free: Use backgrounds for portraits (without being in the background with your feet), and also standing with your feet in a previously used part of the background.

    Paid: Use a part of the background that has not been previously used. Price: 10 EUR / m.

    Be sure to check in advance which backgrounds and how many are available. You can also warn which backgrounds will be needed for shooting, so that they can be installed in advance.

    It is strictly forbidden to use oil on paper backgrounds!
  • 15
    We will definitely help you with setting the studio equipment, replacing nozzles and provide the necessary instructions.

    There are always 4 Profoto D1 500 strobes prepared in the studio.

    There are also 3 Godox constant video lights.

    Please warn us in advance about the need for use, so that we can prepare them in time.

    Before moving studio lights, make sure they are securely fixed to the stands.

    The client is fully responsible for the equipment available in the studio.
Phone: +372 5300 8038
E-mail: inkphotostudio.tln@gmail.com

Puuvilla 19c, Tallinn, Estonia.
INK Photostudio OÜ / Media One Liit MTÜ

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